* ICMP Types [#b97ec75f]

|0|>|Echo Reply|
|3|>|Destination Unreachable|
|~|0|Net Unreachable|
|~|1|Host Unreachable|
|~|2|Protocol Unreachable|
|~|3|Port Unreachable|
|~|4|Fragmentation Needed and DF was set|
|~|5|Source Route Failed|
|~|6|Destination Network Unknown|
|~|7|Destination Host Unknown|
|~|8|Source Host Isolated|
|~|9|Communication with Destination Network is Administratively Prohibited|
|~|10|Communication with Destination Host is Administratively Prohibited|
|~|11|Destination Network Unreachable for ToS|
|~|12|Destination Host Unreachable for ToS|
|~|13|Communication Administratively Prohibited|
|~|14|Host Precedence Violation|
|~|15|Precedence cutoffin effect|
|4|>|Source Quench|
|~|0|Redirect Datagram for the network ( or subnet)|
|~|1|Redirect Datagram for the Host|
|~|2|Redirect Datagram for the ToS and Network|
|~|3|Redirect Datagram for the ToS and Host|
|8|>|Echo Request|
|9|>|Router Advertisement|
|~|0|Normal router advertisement|
|~|16|Does not route common traffic|
|10|>|Router Solicitation|
|11|>|Time Exceeded|
|~|0|Time to Live exceeded in Transit|
|~|1|Fragment Reassemly Time Exceeded|
|12|>|Parameter Problem|
|~|0|Pointer indicates the error|
|~|1|Missing a Required Option|
|~|2|Bad Length|
|14|>|Timestamp Reply|
|15|>|Information Request|
|16|>|Information Reply|
|17|>|Address Mask Request|
|18|>|Address Mask Reply|

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