ICMP Types

0Echo Reply
3Destination Unreachable
0Net Unreachable
1Host Unreachable
2Protocol Unreachable
3Port Unreachable
4Fragmentation Needed and DF was set
5Source Route Failed
6Destination Network Unknown
7Destination Host Unknown
8Source Host Isolated
9Communication with Destination Network is Administratively Prohibited
10Communication with Destination Host is Administratively Prohibited
11Destination Network Unreachable for ToS
12Destination Host Unreachable for ToS
13Communication Administratively Prohibited
14Host Precedence Violation
15Precedence cutoffin effect
4Source Quench
0Redirect Datagram for the network ( or subnet)
1Redirect Datagram for the Host
2Redirect Datagram for the ToS and Network
3Redirect Datagram for the ToS and Host
8Echo Request
9Router Advertisement
0Normal router advertisement
16Does not route common traffic
10Router Solicitation
11Time Exceeded
0Time to Live exceeded in Transit
1Fragment Reassemly Time Exceeded
12Parameter Problem
0Pointer indicates the error
1Missing a Required Option
2Bad Length
14Timestamp Reply
15Information Request
16Information Reply
17Address Mask Request
18Address Mask Reply

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